Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare: Sweden




Technologies in Healthcare

PCP, specialists and nursing professionals

360 respondents

Qual & Quant Research

  • Telephone web-assisted 60 minutes
  • Online survey 20 minutes

Programming & Sampling

Business Objective

Our client, a Swedish university, embarked on a research endeavour focused on the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in this expanding field, the university sought to compile comprehensive data spanning various medical specialities. 

The project was driven by a pursuit for insight into the integration and impact of AI technologies across diverse healthcare domains. Recognising the transformative potential of AI in healthcare delivery, the client aimed to explore its current applications, challenges, and opportunities as perceived by professionals across medical disciplines. 

Challenges & Key Takeaways

Throughout the fieldwork, our client demonstrated flexibility with quotas but emphasised we needed to stay within the budget. This flexibility allowed us to adapt and optimise the sampling strategy to ensure we met the study requirements within the budget. We delivered the final dataset before Christmas, well within the stipulated timeframe. 

The primary strategy for participant recruitment centered around our panel coverage and quality.  Notably, the high engagement enabled us to gather a robust sample of 204 respondents who eagerly completed the study after first contact, our custom recruitment team supported the completion of the remaining sample. This impressive response highlights the exceptional quality and enthusiasm of our panel, allowing us to complete the fieldwork in 10 days —an exceptional achievement, especially in the Swedish market. 

Client Impact

The client expressed high satisfaction with all aspects of our services, highlighting the quick turnaround, delivered data quality, and ease of collaboration with sales and operations. The client plans to utilise the gathered data for their research, with findings slated for publication in an academic research paper. We anticipate future collaborations should they require a healthcare research panel.