Case Studies

Medical professional doctor nurse preparing for surgery putting on wearing latex glove protective workwear on hand for safety in operation room in hospital with colleagues
Case Study

Surgical Glove Concept Testing in a Stockholm Facility

Learn how QQFS tackled the challenge of recruiting specialised healthcare professionals for a market research study on surgical gloves. Dive into the details of our innovative strategies, including targeted outreach and in-depth market research, to gather insights from nurses and physicians.
Medical technology, doctor use AI robots for diagnosis, care, and increasing accuracy patient treatment in future. Medical research and development innovation technology to improve patient health.
Case Study

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare: Sweden

Delve into the success story of a comprehensive research initiative conducted by QQFS in Sweden for a university client focusing on AI in healthcare. Discover how we tackled recruitment hurdles, surpassed sample size expectations, and ensured regulatory compliance while delivering valuable insights.
Sleep Disorder
Case Study

Qualitative Sleep Disorders Study: Sweden

Uncover the secrets of a successful quantitative online study conducted by QQFS in Sweden for a pharmaceutical company specialising in sleep disorder products. Learn how we tackled recruitment challenges, exceeded sample size expectations, and maintained regulatory compliance while delivering valuable insights that left the client highly satisfied.
Case Study

Qualitative WATI Postpartum Depression

Discover QQFS's success in recruiting respondents in Sweden, comprising both healthcare professionals and patients, for a qualitative study on Postpartum Depression (PPD) in the field of Major Depressive Disorder. This project uncovered insights into the treatment and management of PPD in Sweden.
Case Study

Qualitative WATI Nutrition Netherlands

Uncover how QQFS overcame recruitment challenges to tap into a niche group of dietitians in the Netherlands. Dive into the intriguing case study to see how custom strategies, including social media campaigns and extensive research, were employed to gain insights on a specialised digital platform designed for dietitians. QQFS's exceptional approach resulted in high-quality respondents, timely delivery, and outstanding client service.
Case Study

Quantitative Cancer Treatment Tracker

Explore how QQFS achieved remarkable outcomes in recruiting cancer treatment specialists across multiple countries (Japan, China, US, UK, and France) for an online quantitative survey spanning six months. Discover how our efficient recruitment process and high-quality translations impressed the client, showcasing our ability to meet their needs in diverse markets.
Case Study

Quantitative Tracker Dental Products

Discover how QQFS's efficiently conducting a multi-wave online quantitative tracker study among dentists in Japan, Spain, and Canada, with a primary focus on dental products. Uncover how we achieved remarkable outcomes, including top-tier satisfaction scores and precise sample delivery across all three markets, even overcoming challenges in Japan.
Case Study

Qualitative Cardiology Research Project

Explore QQFS's successful recruitment of Swiss GPs and cardiologists for a meticulously crafted research project centred on hypercholesterolemia treatment prescriptions. Despite navigating challenging timelines and stringent sample requirements, we conducted exhaustive research and leveraged our extensive network to precisely reach our target audience, all within the predefined schedule.