Programming & Data Processing

QQFS offers full coverage programming and data processing. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring accessibility, flexibility, and quality at every stage.

Platform Diversity

We listen to your requirements and leverage our healthcare research knowledge and past experience to recommend the best platform for each project, on an individual basis.

End-to-end Quality

All materials are reviewed by industry experts to guarantee seamless programming, high-quality survey links for your approval and validated data.

Accessible Team & Technology

Expert programming in your time zone, prioritising respondent experience through innovative survey design. This approach underpins every touchpoint, whether it’s a custom landing page for PRFs, a device-agnostic survey, a portal collecting video testimonials, or dynamic scheduling based on available moderators.

Flexible, On-time Delivery

We are proud of our proven track record of on-time link delivery against agreed timelines.

Advanced Analytics

We offer a consultative approach with full capabilities from design to analysis. We support components at task base levels, with specific expertise in MaxDiff and conjoint analysis.

Data Deliverables.

We stack, weight, restructure, and deliver secure data exports directly to your inbox, or support you to handle your own data exports

We deliver tabulations for multi-country / wave studies, including volumetric / share calculations, concept testing, and weighting. We work against your tab plan or work with you to create one.

Topline data reports or access your online crosstabs

We have extensive experience in healthcare coding and use Ascribe as a sole coding tool

We offer reporting based on provided templates or built from scratch