Agile Research

Enhance Your Research Capabilities with Our Agile Research

Seamlessly conduct quantitative or qualitative research with utmost efficiency and precision. Determine the feasibility of your projects by evaluating specific factors such as country, medical specialty, or therapy area.

Customise your research initiatives by selecting the desired number of responses required for accurate data analysis. Craft surveys with a maximum of 10 insightful questions, ensuring valuable insights while respecting respondent limitations.

Methodology Options

Quantitative for Physicians & Patients

Qualitative for Physicians

Why Agile Research.

Leverage our proprietary panel for rapid turnaround, with fieldwork closing as soon as 48 hours post launch.

Access live data feeds as soon as your project goes live, or track recruitment and scheduling progress in real time.

Delivers robust insights from both patient and physician respondents via online surveys, tele-depth interviews, or a combination of methodologies.

Benefit from our extensive industry expertise with a combination of traditional account management and self-serve technology.

Agile Research at QQFS offers access to physicians in 16 countries in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Developed with industry-leading compliance principles and adherence to ISO standards aligned with EphMRA, BHBIA, Intellus, and Insights Association.

Step-by-step Approach

Step 1

Choose Your Options
  • Country
  • Specialty and / or therapy area(s)
  • Methodology
  • Volume of respondents

Step 2

Confirmation & Introduction
  • Contract signed
  • Introduction to project manager

Step 3

Launch & Recruitment
  • Immediate access from project launch
  • Live reporting
  • Live tables
  • Respondents screened and scheduled
  • Daily recruitment updates

Step 4

Data & Completion
  • Raw data available
  • Data tables available
  • Interviews completed

Applications, Specialties, & Therapy Areas