Qualitative Research

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Experienced Qualitative Research Solutions for a Global Audience

QQFS has over 22 years of qualitative fieldwork experience in healthcare, and our experienced in-house recruitment team is dedicated to providing qualified feedback and guidance that takes into account market-specific considerations.

Panel Magnitude

At QQFS, we’re proud to access to the largest market-leading panel of key healthcare stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, KOLs, and patients. We cover 21 proprietary markets, including the USA, EU5, Japan, Brazil, India, China, Korea, Canada, Australia, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, and the Nordics. We are ISO 20252:2019 certified, reflecting our ongoing commitment to robust panel security, recruitment, verification, engagement, and management.

Global Solution

QQFS has an extensive network of medical translators, simultaneous interpreters, moderators, and analysts who specialise in online or traditional qualitative research methods. They provide the highest quality of service for your research needs.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated project team leverages their extensive market knowledge to drive the results you need, and recruit beyond the panel to ensure high respondent quality and project delivery without compromise.

Innovative Technology

QQFS also combines industry-leading innovation and technology to ensure that we recruit the best profile for your research in line with your deadlines. Our dynamic audience tool captures rich profiling data from our panel, reducing screenouts and offering pre-launch guidance on project feasibility. delivery without compromise.




Agile Research

Agile research at QQFS is a high value, cost-effective approach to quick turnaround research, with results as quickly as 48 hours post launch. We deliver robust insights from both patient and physician respondents via online questionnaires, tele-depth interviews, or a combination of the two methodologies, in the US and EU5. QQFS’s agile research has been developed with industry-leading compliance and adherence to ISO standards, and combines innovative self-service technology with traditional account management. Available for:

Remote Research

When face to face qual research isn’t appropriate or possible, remote qual offers a breadth of opportunities and benefits. Recruitment is powered by our proprietary panel and underpinned by innovative approaches to scheduling, screening, and managing incentives.


Designed by a team of expert market research professionals with experience spanning across operations, technology and compliance, our new QualStage platform supports remote qualitative TDI, WATI, and focus group projects, with simultaneous translation.