Fraud Prevention

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention Measures

QQFS’s commitment to high quality survey data is underpinned by multiple initiatives designed to eradicate respondent fraud, including deduplication of records, and manual verification of panel members’ credentials. We combine industry-leading technologies including Imperium’s RelevantID, and Google’s reCAPTCHA, with our own proprietary innovations, to deliver best-in-class solutions to combat fraud.

  • RelevantID flags based on device digital watermarking and fingerprinting
  • Name / address matching
  • Re-verification of panel members prior to every survey to ensure continuous good standing
  • Automatic flagging of erratic member behaviour
  • Bot detection (reCAPTCHA + RelevantID)
  • Geo-IP validation
  • RelevantID FraudScore (with M3 customisation for healthcare)
  • AI-based IP reputation flagging
  • Auto-capture survey start / end times
  • Automated survey complete confirmation process
  • Automated checks for:
    • Speeding
    • Flatlining
    • Poor open-end responses
    • Inconsistent answers
    • ‘Red herring’ responses
  • Data is centralised and incentive payments are blocked
  • Reinforced with scripted data checks customised for each project