Qualitative Cardiology Research Project



  • N=14 GPs
  • N=18 cardiologists

30 minutes web-assisted telephone interview

Switzerland (CHE), German and French speaking

Business Objective

QQFS’s primary objective was to recruit Swiss GPs and cardiologists on behalf of our market research agency client. The research investigated product prescriptions for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, and aimed to understand patient pathways, and prescriptions of existing cholesterol-lowering products.

Project Summary

The tight timeline and high sample comprised of a 50-50 split between office-based and hospital cardiologists were the challenges for this project.

We worked pre-study with the client on the screening requirements, so we were able to receive this sample in the requested timeline. To deliver the sample, we conducted extensive research to find the GPs and cardiologists who would be most likely to participate in the study. Our local recruitment team was able to leverage its network of contacts and expertise in recruiting and scheduling. This ensured we were able to reach the target audience and schedule the interview within the planned timeline.

We worked with the client throughout the process to ensure the project stayed within the timeline that was set. We kept the client informed of our progress and made sure we communicated any potential roadblocks or delays in the research process.

Client Overview

Our client was extremely satisfied with the results of the project, which was delivered on time and within the desired sample. Our commitment to excellence ensured that the project was completed to the client’s satisfaction, providing them with the data and insights needed to make informed decisions. Our team’s dedication and hard work paid off scoring an NPS of 100, we are grateful to our client for giving us the opportunity to work on such an important project.