Qualitative WATI Nutrition Netherlands






Qualitative Web-assisted Telephone Interviewing (WATI), with virtual SimTran where clients listened in.

Business Objective

The client was a market research company who were looking to gain input from dietitians on a digital platform that the client created to facilitate their daily practice. The client wanted to understand the usability and functionality of the platform from the perspective of the target audience to ensure that it meets their needs and expectations. Ultimately, the client’s objective was to improve the platform and increase its adoption among dietitians.

Challenges & Key Takeaways

The main challenge was reaching the target audience, as it was a niche group of dietitians.

To ensure QQFS met the requirements for this project we conducted custom recruitment, including social media campaigns, reviewed past studies, made calls, and conducted desk research to reach the target audience of dietitians. The team focused on delivering high-quality respondents that would meet the client’s objectives. The project used our platform QualStage to assist with seamless interpretation for the client to listen into the live interview while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the participants throughout the project.

Client Impact

The client provided positive feedback on the results and was impressed with the approach taken to overcome the recruitment challenges, the team delivered the project on time, within budget, and with high respondent quality. This project received an exceptional client service rating across all aspects of the service provided, including project management, moderation, translation, interpretation, and transcription. The results were highly satisfactory, with a rating of 7/7 for project management and a rating of 7/7 for future use.