Qualitative WATI Postpartum Depression



  • Total: 19
    • 12 Healthcare Professionals
    • 7 Patients

Major Depressive Disorder

Web-assisted Telephone Interviewing (WATI)

Business Objective

The objective of the market research project was to gain insights into the treatment and management of Postpartum Depression (PPD) in Sweden. The client, a market research company, wanted to understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and patients in managing PPD.

Challenges & Key Takeaways

One of the primary challenges of this study was identifying patients with a formal diagnosis of PPD. PPD is often kept as an unofficial diagnosis, making it challenging to reach the target population for the study.

To overcome this challenge, QQFS started by conducting desk research and interviewing healthcare professionals to understand the diagnosis process for PPD in Sweden. This allowed the team to develop custom recruitment strategies that included a social media campaign and a referral campaign directed at midwives. These recruitment strategies proved to be very successful, resulting in the recruitment of 7 PPD patients out of the 6-8 quoted.

Client Impact

QQFS provided local market knowledge and insights to make the client aware of the peculiarities of PPD diagnosis in Sweden. The client was pleased with the quality of the gathered sample and the detailed analysis provided by the QQFS team.