Quantitative Cancer Treatment Tracker


Japan, China, US, UK, France

Multiple oncology & hematology therapies

Online Quantitative Survey

  • 4 Waves across a period of 6 months
  • Patient charts
  • Timeline: 6 months


3,243 oncology & hematology treaters

26,272 charts hematology therapies


Our client wanted to recruit cancer treaters specialists across 23 oncological and haematological conditions to take part in an online quantitative survey. Their objective was to get as many patient charts as possible, as they intended to use this data in preparation for clinical trials. QQFS was responsible for the online survey methodology, recruitment of respondents, and delivery of the project on time and within budget.


This project was particularly challenging due to the very high quotas of treaters and patient charts, and for the additional complexities as a result of the markets involved.

QQFS’s Services

Our strong panel of Oncology & Hematology specialists, a high engagement rate combine with a strong project management has ensured the delivery of the project within the client timeline. QQFS worked with local teams in China, Japan, EU and US to support recruitment, follow up and engagement of the respondents’ waves after waves. QQFS also provided high quality translation in Chinese and Japanese for this research.

Client Impact

The client was delighted with the sample we delivered, the quality of respondents, and our working relationship with them, including regular progress updates. They were very happy with the delivered outputs, and impressed by how quickly and successfully we were able to recruit respondents in all markets but including Japan and China.