Quantitative Tracker Dental Products


Japan, Spain, and Canada


  • Japan
    • 300 wave 2
    • 301 wave 3
  • Spain
    • 134 wave 1
    • 141 wave 2
    • 138 wave 3
  • Canada
    • 153 wave 1
    • 162 wave 2
    • 164 wave 3

Dental products

Online quantitative tracker: 3 waves

Business Objective

A new market research agency client, who had been commissioned to deliver a multi-wave study across multiple markets, approached QQFS for consultancy on the fieldwork element of the project. The aim of gathering insights from dentists involved in decision-making about the purchase of dental products. The client wanted to know what decision-makers thought about their product and what improvements could be made. For wave two the client wanted to include Japan, after a successful wave 1, the client awarded QQFS for the additional market.

Challenges & Key Takeaways

When we run trackers, we expect respondents to take part in multiple waves and the outcome depends on the audience and the quality of the previous survey. At QQFS we use RSS (Respondent Satisfaction Survey) at the end of each study to help us rate the interest of participants for each study. For this tracker, we have seen high satisfaction score and as a result, we delivered the sample on time in all three markets and secure an overlap of 65%+ in Canada and Spain for the second wave.

During recruitment for Japan, we encountered a high number of respondents excluded from the survey on age, as they were 60+. When reviewing feasibility and incidence rates we advised the client that in Japan it is common for doctors and dentists over the age of 60 to still be in practice, despite this challenge, we managed to get the quoted sample of 301.

Client Impact

The client was very satisfied with the project delivery and scored us 6/7 for future use and 7/7 for Project Management. QQFS will continue to deliver fieldwork for future waves of this tracker, we expect China to be added for the fourth wave, which will also rely on QQFS’s expertise in APAC markets.