Sleep Disorder Study: Quant Research Sweden



Pharmaceutical Company

Sleep Disorders

Quantitative Online Study

270 Parents of Children with Sleep Disorders

Questionnaire design, Translations, Programming & Hosting, Data Collection, Charting, Presentation of findings

Business Objective

Our pharmaceutical company client wanted to gain insights into the effectiveness of their product. Specifically, they aimed to investigate its impact on disrupted sleep and early waking in children. The client wanted to understand the potential benefits of their product for addressing various sleep issues in children, beyond sleep onset problems.

Challenges & Key Takeaways

One of the primary hurdles in our study was identifying parents of children with sleep disorders who met specific age criteria. To address this challenge, QQFS implemented specialised recruitment strategies, such as leveraging consumer panels, involving professionals from diverse fields, and engaging in social media campaigns to effectively reach the targeted audience. By identifying which conditions are most likely to lead to sleep disorders, such as ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, we were able to reach out to support groups where parents exchange their experiences and make the survey available for parents to voice their opinions.

After delivering the quoted sample of 100 respondents in just 10 business days, the client decided to keep going and increased the sample size. In the end, we delivered 270 responses after 20 business days in field. At that point, the client had a robust sample to get a comprehensive outcome.

Since the study involved a pharmaceutical product, maintaining regulatory compliance was crucial. While designing the study, we anticipated a high probability of Adverse Events, therefore QQFS offered daily adverse event checks and ensured prompt reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Our team worked closely with the client to understand their specific reporting needs, and our data validation team provided well structured charting and presentation to effectively present the findings.

Conducting the study in Sweden, where the QQFS head office is based, provided an advantage in understanding the local healthcare system. This knowledge was pivotal in devising an effective recruitment strategy and identifying suitable health conditions that often lead to sleep disorders.

Client Impact

The client expressed high satisfaction with the quality of data, sample size, and insights generated by our research.

The charting and presentation created by our data validation team were particularly well-received, providing valuable visualisations of the findings. The results not only confirmed the client’s hypothesis but also revealed new and actionable insights for their product’s performance in the market.